Las Vegas Photography Classes


Are you shooting in Auto Mode?
Having problems taking the images that you want with you camera?
Images are to Dark, Overexposed, blurred?
Do not have impact in your images, want to do better composition?
Want to learn how to use natural light or flash on your subjects?

Offering Workshops in Las Vegas every 2 months for different level photographers
(Min 8 - Max 10 Photographers)
All classes are 9 hours long, design with an easy learning curb.

Want to attend a  Vegas  Workshops?
It only requires 8 students to have a workshop
Starts by getting on the Vegas interest list,
once 8 students sign up, Payment can be made.

Want more information of my classes,
want to sign up!!!!!!
For my next trip to Vegas, please visit My schedule, let me know what class you are interested in!!!!
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